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Zodiac Wheel Slot Review

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Stars bring the luck only to those who believe, but Zodiac Wheel slot is all about it. This slot game has an astrology theme, with vibrant graphics and 3D animations triggered once you win the spin. Animations are not visible if they don’t make the winning string, which is a nice touch. You will be drawn into the magic of glowing symbols and mystical sounds, gathering generous prizes along the way.

Slot with amazing graphics, and no real spin button, but tiny start mark on the chosen bet which can be from 5 to 100, 10 to 200 and 15 to 300 for three credits. Zodiac Wheel slot is one of those slots games which reward your spins with an additional game where you can increase your initial win if you want. Although it is missing some background music, there are great sound effects for clicks and winnings. And yes – you can earn up to 60.000 credits from this Astronomer! Keep reading to see what the night sky of EGT has in store for you.

zodiac wheel slot

Luck decoded by Astronomer

If you are interested in fortune, this is the place for you. Astronomer (3000x for 5 in a row) and Gypsy fortune teller bring foreseeing tools with them – different Telescopes (500x and 200x for 5)  and Glass Bowls (500x for 5) so they can look at the Golden Stars that can make you rich beyond your imagination. Those are the main symbols of this slot, along with two Scatters – The Book and The Map. Of course, the wheel is the Wild symbol of the Zodiac Wheel slot. The slot also has a Gambling option involved – a simple card guessing game to increase your initial winning. Choose the right symbols three times in succession, and you can win more, but if you make a mistake – that win fades to nothing. It is hard not to win when you have all of this tools available. Spin the reels so the Zodiac Wheel can make the Astronomers lavish predictions real!

Zodiac Wheel Slot in a nutshell

Rich, detailed animations, additional game, and very interactive spin options are a must try out. EGT made a great work with this slot game, making the most out of theme and its elements. If you want more games with mini-games or bonuses, feel free to check the Bonus section. Whether you believe in astronomy or not, Zodiac Wheel slot makes the stars watch your back and stuff your wallet with cash.

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