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Starburst Slot Tips + Free Play

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Starburst slot tips are something that almost every slot player checks at least once. Therefore, we want to offer you a chance to play this game for free.  Of course, there will be some tips on how to win at it if you decide to play for real. Chasing the rainbow star is not easy, but we are going to share some info to make that easier. Shiny stones worth a fortune are waiting for you to gather them!

Know your game

Starburst slot tips cannot help you if you don’t know the elementary slot information. This slot has low volatility, meaning that it enables wins more often, but gives smaller payouts. Bonus wagering rating is 5.97, and the probability of hitting the bonus feature is 8.4%. Still, the most important info is that RTP is amazing 96.1%, which is more than the most of slot machines can have. If you are having trouble coping with all of this, check out our Slot Terms page.

Different strategies

You can try some of these strategies in case you have been playing at the same pace for an extended period. You can:

  • raise a bet from one to five levels on each loss; if you win, reset the bet;
  • on every 3-6 losses in a row, raise your stake for two levels; if you win, reset the bet;
  • raise a stake from one to five levels on each win; if you lose, reset the bet;
  • press the Max Bet button, but don’t change the actual bet;

Place real sums

Once you decide to try out the game for free (we recommend you to play Starburst slot for free first), place the actual values that you would set in a real casino. This might seem excessive, but the truth is that there is a chance to learn the game better since it operates the same way as it would for the real money.

Don’t miss on promotions!

There are bonus offers for the lovers of Starburst, and you should not miss them. Check out if the casinos are offering some extra spins or deposit cash for you to try out the game for real. We have a great bonus right below. Or, if you like the game, you can click on the Win real money option in the demo game we have on the page.

Last, but not least – set a limit after which you will not continue to play! Know your possibilities and boundaries.

If there is something more than just Starburst slot tips that you want to know before playing Starburst for real money, check out our review!

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