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Jurassic Park Online Slot + Free Play

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Jurassic Park online slot is an oddly satisfying game – giving the fact that you are dealing with de-extinct dinosaurs. Faithful to the legendary movie “Jurassic Park”, this slot is one of the Microgaming wanted titles. Like any good park, it has a great variety of exceptional gems. You will be amazed by how many treasures this simple, yet sparkling slot game hides in the jungle. Smooth and elegant, the graphics complement the already proven good movie set up. As for the T-Rex – you will be thrilled to see it.

Cash The Dinos In

Even thjurassic park wildough this is one of the older creations, the Jurassic Park slot does not lack flashy features and great variety. On the contrary, Microgaming made the game truly wild with Winning Wilds and Running Wilds,  Wild reels and Wild multipliers, as well as the Split Wilds and Mystery Multipliers! This is definitely one of the best slot games to start with if you want to play slots with real money since it has so many layers. Similar to Thunderstruck I  and Thunderstruck II slot, diverse features which vary based on character value are:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex – This guy turns the reels into Wild ones.  He also stacks 3 symbols deep on each reel! Meanwhile, T-rex makes all reels into Wilds if he lands somewhere.
  • Velociraptor – With this one, you can win Split Wilds or Wild multipliers.  They give you more chances for the win because they can generate more combos (six for a win sounds lovely, yes). Like the previous, it also brings 3 stacks. You can also win 4x, 5x, or 6x of your initial prize randomly!
  • Brachiosaurus – You will love the Mystery Multiplier feature. It brings multiplications from 2x to 6x for any number of free spins!  This one can be triggered more than once, so you don’t want to miss it.
  • Triceratops – The dino loves to run and make a mess, so hold tight! This one brings Re-spins, Running Wilds and Stack nudges. With standard 3 stack pack, you can win an additional one for a free spin once you trigger the Running wilds, which are on each reel. A partial stack brings a multi Triceratops stampede which storms across the reels leaving you with a reel full of Wilds. They stay until the re-spins are over. On the other hand, full stacks keep the Wilds on the reels while the re-spinning lasts.
  • Dilophosaurus – Even though this one spits, it turns symbols into the Winning Wilds. Winning combo with Winning Wild means that the Wild will stay in place.

jurassic park slot t-rex alertNow, as we have mentioned, there is a thing with the T-Rex. A feature named T-Rex Alert Mode activates each time this legendary dino lands the reels. It brings valuable gifts, in the form of 6 free spins, with guarantied 35 Wilds landing along the way. This helps you increase the chance of winning way more than expected. Jurassic Park online slot game keeps a few more additions. The maximal win you can have during the run of this giant is 6000x of your initial stake (up to $95.000), which is insane! Great for any type of players, Jurassic Park online slot is one of the games you should try if for nothing else, to get acquainted with so many slot features.

The Free Spins feature (all of them) requires to be activated by three or more Scatter symbols, in this case by the Dinasour egg.

There are – wait for it – 243 ways to win as well!

Jurrasic Park Online Slot in a nutshell

Highly underrated. Jurassic Park online slot can bring you so much if you decide to try it for real. With so many possibilities for the win, it might seem a bit confusing, but once you see how easy it is to get a prize here, you won’t bother to study it. Perfect one for learning, because its simple interface and non-intrusive graphics add a sense of security. With famous background of the fantastic storyline, features are very creative and prize well distributed. Enjoy this crazy dino ride. We sure did!

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