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slot tournamentsTo begin with, slot tournaments are entertaining and can result in large prizes. They are multiplayer gaming events in which players compete against each other. The casino specifies the time frame in which players can attend the contest. The only thing you need to pay is participation free, which means that you will be using casino credits for playing. Since you are not paying for your credits, there is a limited amount that casino gives at the beginning. You can use them only during the tournament and for that purpose. You cannot use automatic options during the play (auto-play, turbo mode). Your task is to be as fast as possible with the spin button and to make a higher score than your competitors.

Online casinos organize these events for three types of players:

  • loyal players that can play via invite-only
  • players that pay only participation fee and gamble with casino’s money which they can later take as a prize
  • players that pay only participation fee and gamble with casino’s money, but cannot have it as a prize

Which slot tournaments can you attend and how

The first type of contests is an invite-only, created for loyal players. Moreover, this is not a public tournament and has a different setting. Casinos make these for big players to award and entertain them a little more. Still, there are plenty of slot contests where you can play free slots, with only an entrance fee. There are usually two types – where you can get a small prize, or no award at only, meaning that you play just for fun. Whatever you decide, it is a great experience, and there is always a chance to win. If you spin fast enough and use more credits than your opponents than you are on the way to win.

To sum up, tournaments are a great way of spicing up your slot game. You can find active slot tournaments in the section below. We wish you the best of luck!