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Gonzo’s Quest Slot Review

Gonzo's Quest slot tells the tale of explorer hungry for gold and treasures. Eldorado might be real for the players that join Gonzo on his Quest.
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Gonzo’s Quest slot game is refreshing, bold, and filled with prizes; making it one of the most popular ones in the online casinos. Pack your bags, grab your shovel – we are on to an adventure! This game follows a daring Spanish conquistador – Gonzo, who abandons the fleet and goes on to his quest. Eldorado has made many explorers frenzy back in the day. The legend says that you can find the entire lost city built out of pure gold. You are entitled to all what he runs into along the way since he is searching that city as well.

Quite a theme for any slot conquistador, ready to claim all the gold hidden it this slot.

Free Falls of Golden Eldorado

You might think that a game that has no bonuses or mini-games is a bit dated, but you are wrong. This game has only a couple of things to show, but they are worthy of gold. The main thing that sets this slot game apart from the competitors is that it has multipliers that roll on each spin. Yes, you read it correctly – you have the chance to win 2x, 3x or 5x of your bet on each consecutive win. It is called the Avalanche feature, after the stone figures that are symbols in the game.

You also have a Wild symbol, which can substitute any of the symbols, apart from the Scatter. The golden stone is a Scatter symbol that triggers the Free Fall feature. This feature gives 3x to the existing multiplications. Moreover, it can trigger ten Free falls if three or more symbols land in a row. The high volatility of this slot game is very appealing to players, and this is why Gonzo’s Quest slot game is so beloved in the online casino community.

The catch: Features trigger only on consecutive wins.

gonzo's quest

Gonzo’s Quest slot in a nutshell

To wrap it up, this intriguing adventure of a friendly explorer Gonzo is like no other slot game. For those who like quick wins, different surroundings, and frequent multiplications – this is the slot for you. Moreover, you have the chance to enjoy dazzling graphics, gold falling from the sky and prizes that go along with it.

One more thing – Gonzo dances and makes some pretty groove moves if you get a good bonus. Make him dance.

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