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slot tips Why do we need slot tips in the first place? You need a bit of luck and a few good spins, right? Let’s face it – in any casino game you can apply a trick or two, and by that, we don’t mean that any “magic” involvement. You know that magic tricks are pure skills which magicians refined to perfection, and there is no difference when it comes to these games.

It also stands for slots, even though you might have thought that there are no simpler games than these. It can be surprising how many things can enhance your chances of winning that huge jackpot. The biggest secret lies in small details you don’t pay attention to at first. Moreover, they can change the “luck” or the course of your winnings on slot machines, whether you play them online or in some land casino. Take the time to go through these simple, yet efficient slot tips for playing any slot.

Slot RTP is important info

RTP or Return to Player is a term that describes the possible return of your initial bet based on every wager on that slot machine. The higher the RTP, there is a greater chance for you to make a profit from the slot. For example, if the RTP is 95%, it is expected that you will get a profit of $950 if you place $1 bet. Given that, choose your games wisely. Do your homework and research which slots are the ones that can give you more based on pure statistics. It is pure basics, but we need to mention it. Many people just jump right into the full basket of everything and don’t get out as they should.

Bet Max? No, Bet Smart

You have read somewhere this “Bet Max” strategy before. Even though it works for some slots that have free games built into the original software, this strategy is proven to be wrong. The reason for this is simple – random number generators work the same way no matter how high your bet is. Volatility (if you don’t know what it is, here is a tip) is what you are looking for. First, determine what do you want – current, smaller portions of cash or one big win. Now, according to that, search for prizes. It works kinda like a beam scale. Make your decision and picks some slots right now.

Always raise a bet on a progressive slot


Determine your style as a slot player

Slots with higher risk give a higher payout

Check the Hit Frequency

Try the free version first

Check out bonuses often

Lastly, you can always find more things that will influence your chances of winning. If you find some slot tips worth sharing with other fellow players, please leave a comment. We can add it to this list so everyone can benefit from your advice and maybe claim some slot machine’s jackpot as you did.