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slot dictionaryHave you ever found yourself scratching your head about the simple word that cannot be understood within the context or it doesn’t occur to you what it might mean? It is a favorite thing in the gambling world, where different casino games have such specific terminology that you are unable to play without. It is why we took the time to put together all the words and phrases explicitly related to the slot machines and online slot games that you can think of (or ran into). If you think any of our explanations or suggested, words are not correct or right in some way, feel free to contact us. There are so many versions of the same things out there, so we will do our best not to misinterpret any slot game term or phrase.

  • 3-reel – Slot machine with three reels available and presented in the game.

  • 5-reel – Slot machine with three reels available and shown in the game.

  • 7-reel – Slot machine with three reels available and presented in the game.

  • Annuity Winner – possible win of the jackpot that has been accumulated over the years on some installments (this rarely happens these days since the tax is enormous for the casinos in this case).

  • Action – the total amount the player has bet on, with some wins and losses during one session.

  • Active Payline – the payline on which the player currently can win if he gets a winning combination

  • All pay – specific type of slot machines that don’t use the universal payline system, but another way of calculating the possible win.

  • AutoPlay – spins the reels the particular number of times, without the need for a player to pull a lever/push the spin button

  • Basic slot – a slot machine with a basic game, one payline and already jackpot that does not change.

  • Betting Units

  • Big Bertha

  • Big Hit

  • Max Bet – the highest amount a player can bet on for a single spin. It is set by the slot machine or a slot game, and it cannot be changed.

  • One Bet – a one credit bet on a single spin.

We are sure that there are more word and terms related to slot machines, but we tried to gather the ones for which you might be wondering what they mean the most. Also, the list will be updated if needed, so the unknowing the term will never drive you up to the wall.