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Progressive Slots – Jackpots That Will Make More Money Than Other Casino Game

progressive slotsThe title is not a generic click bait – it is true, and we are about to explain why. Only progressive slots might be the next thing you will be looking across the Web (and our category with this particular type of machine). Let’s face it – most of the usual slots offer amounts that go to the specified limit.  You can’t get more of it even if you want it. You might have heard somewhere that these are so-called non-progressive slots.

The reason why they have a name like this is that of the reason we have already addressed. Their jackpots (if there are any) stay fixed, and you cannot increase it. For example, if the maximum win is 200x of your initial bet, you will get that 200x whatever the amount of your initial bet is. Progressive slot machines come with the possibility to gradually increase your chances of winning an ever-growing prize.

How do they work?

This kind of one-armed bandits (as they tend to call slot machines from time to time) many players adore. Furthermore, it gives an opportunity for playing a game with higher bets and higher payouts, and that’s not all. Every time you place a bet, you add some sum to the pot, meaning that the potential reward is growing – and even pennies count. These prizes can go up to unimaginable heights and can be worth millions. Before you go crazy about this, take time to check a few more things. Some thoughts about the volatility of these slot games with such high prizes might have crossed your mind, but we are not talking about cold slots here. We mean progressive jackpots and how to win big bucks easier.

Yes, the chances for the win depending on the jackpot sum, yet there is a chance to win a life-changing amount of money. So keep reading.

Games you play on progressive slot machines often have a similar concept. Still, the general division stands according to the number of devices that form the end jackpot sum that you can take out once you make that memorable win. To be more specific, it depends whether you stack up to the jackpot pile from one machine or from “few” others that add up to the pot that one can win. You can run into some of these in your search for the big prize:

  • Multiple progressive slot machines from different casinos – These can be Lepricons that bring joy and treasure beyond imagination. Imagine having a $1,000,000 or even $10,000,000. But, since so many players are involved, there are many failings;
  • Multiple progressive slots from the local casino – A couple of slot machines whose missed opportunities add up to the overall winning pot create the jackpot sum;
  • One progressive machine – This type refers to the devices that you can max out, but your pot is filled only with the coins that you initially place. This means that there are no others that might help you in forming bigger cashout. Don’t be disappointed, since even here you can earn up to $10,000. We can agree that you it might be handy to have ten grand on the side, right?

Caution: Once one player wins the jackpot, the amount goes back to the default!

Your failed attempts usually can, but don’t have to be the only ones that define the end reward of the game. If you are playing one of those games that have a connection with others (most of the online slots are like this), the sum is increasing once every one of those players tries and fails to win the award. It is why it is called “progressive jackpot” – it is pilling up until someone takes it home.