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Fruit Machines

Fruit Machines – Juicy Slot Games That You Must Try Out

fruit machinesSlot machines had a very “humble” start regarding mechanics, offers, and graphics. Usually, they had three reels and not so many paylines, and the most common symbols found in them were – fruit. It is why they were named “fruit machines.” This particular name for slots came from Great Britain, but there are various names for the same one-armed bandit depending on the area we are talking. Still, fruit machine is something that instantly pops to your mind when someone mentions slot, right? They have changed the world of gambling and became one of the most played casino games in the world.

But how can free fruit bring you money?

The truth is that this simple game with not much to cope with can bring you vast amounts of cash. A simple hit of the SPIN button will activate the reels and, if you are lucky, you can get the right combo. Some fruit machines could “hold” specific symbols on the reels until you get it right. You can start with three-reel slots if you are new when it comes to the casino games or wake up nostalgia and warm-up for more winnings. Now it’s easier than ever to play any game you love online. There is a vast variety of oldies and true classics that can give crazy payouts like back in the day. Likewise, you can find different slot remakes and old-new games that have a few modern tweaks to provide you with the possibility to play for higher prizes.

Great misconception when it comes to this type of games is that a fruit machine has to have only three reels. That is just not true. You can easily find five reel fruit slots that have more paylines than it is usual. Video slots that have this theme are very popular. You can try any of these for free and see if they are your cup of tea. Of course, you can play any of these titles for real money in different casinos available online.