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Animal Slots

animal slotsAnimal slots are very common in the gambling world, yet still very amusing and entertaining. You might find some funny monkey wondering around or mighty lions smashing things with their roar. Among cute puppies and scary gorillas, there are prizes and jackpots you only imagined by now. As you might already know, some of them have awards that even made the Guinness Book of Records for making people rich! Microgaming has created this outstanding record with one of its progressives, which we will mention later.

We spoke about some of the best slot games online that have the animal slot theme before. Microgaming’s Mega Moolah and Mega Moolah Isis to some extent, since it falls into the Egyptian category more.

Safari and Antartika – Anything is possible in Animal Slots

You will find wild jungle predators and cute fictional creatures in this section. Although they might not seem like Leprechauns, they can bring you very real cashouts. You will find movie hits like Jumanji and Jurassic Park. Moreover, you can play them here, on our site! You can search them as Jumanji Slot Game and Jurassic Park Online Slot. Each of the games on our website is a demo, meaning that here you play slots for free. If you decide that you want to place real bets, there is always an option to switch to “play with real money” mode in some the online casinos. If you’re going to explore more then just animal slots, click on some of the banners offered beside the articles and see if the casino has the right offer for you.

Hint: You can find bonuses and limited offers if you click on the banners, meaning that you get special deposit deals and much more. There are some conveniences that you can unlock only if you create an account in an online casino. Good luck and enjoy the hunt for luck!