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best slot games onlineChoosing out of best slot games online seems like tough work. For an average player, it would take so much time and resources (read money) to explore the ocean of slots. Finding the most suitable one for each player is a “mission impossible,” but we intend to collect and present as many slot games out there that can fill yours or anyone else’s pocket. Sure, you might be here just for fun, and that’s perfectly fine. We got you covered as well.

What Can Help Me Pick a Slot Game?

First, once you decide to dive into this type of casino entertainment, you need to know the basics. Furthermore, are you here for fun or for real? Are you interested in big bucks or you want to win smaller sums often? Do you want a classic slot game or a progressive? These are just some of the essential questions that you might want to ask yourself before you toss all your money into one basket. For those of you who only want to try some things out, don’t hurry so much to dismiss this. Once you like the game, you won’t be thinking about this, only how to cash in your luck. Here are some of the factors that you might want to check about the slot (luckily, we have all the info that you need for each out of best slot machines we present):

RTP (Return to Player)

This simple statistical info can tell you a lot about a slot game. Making a difference between best slot machines online and the ones that won’t make you as wealthy (or as happy) as you might expect usually requires taking this data into account. RTP percentage shows how much return of your wager you can get over a specified period. For example, if the RTP is 95%, if you place $1 bet 100 times, you will get $95 return. Casinos and software producers calculate this data over a long period, which means that it cannon guarantee this level of performance on each play. Nonetheless, it is far better to choose a slot which has a higher RTP than a lower one.


Paytable is the most crucial piece of information that you get for free about a particular slot game. Furthermore, paytable gives a list of all symbols and their possible payouts. It differs for slot machines with three reels, five reels, and seven reels. The first type shows how much you get for each combination of 3 for the number of coins. The second one is the most often type of slot played online, but it shows a different set of information. It shows each of the symbols in a separated section and how much multiplications of your bet you can get once you match 3, 4 or 5 icons. Of course, the value increases the more matches you get.

Moreover, it describes the functions of special symbols (which we will discuss in the following paragraphs), free spins and their triggers, as well as the additional features and bonus games. To sum up – all needed info about one slot game can be found in its paytable. You don’t have to search around for it; it is usually a separate button named “Paytable,” “View Pays,” or you can find it by clicking on “I” for which you typically don’t know what its purpose is. These days some of the best slot games online give great attention to creating an awesome paytable, to attract players.

Hit Frequency

People tend to mix this with RTP, but you won’t make that mistake after reading this. Hit Frequency shows how often you will get a winning combination. RTP has nothing to do with this, but with the money. HF can be low or high, depending on the slot. Don’t dismiss the slots with low HF yet, since they have a much higher payout (read progressive slots). Therefore, you can think of this as an indicator for determining whether you are chasing a daily treat or a big feast after a while.

Note: RTP and Hit Frequency can show you if the slot is high for small and numerous wins, or big and less frequent ones, like jackpot prizes. 


The main prize, the ultimate treasure, the biggest of all wins – it is one grand prize you can win not so often. The trick with this reward is that it comes once in a while, when the stars cling and when the bets of all players form a decent sum for you to win. There are two types of jackpots, the fixed and the progressive ones. Fixed are set by the slot and cannot be changed.

On the other hand, progressive jackpots grow with each bet which player places, adding up a small amount from bets to the total sum. Progressives are more popular these days since they offer incredible prizes, like in the Age of Gods series. You can read more about each of them and what are the best slot machines online that provide this luxury in the Jackpot section. You can search more about this once you decide to chase big bucks.

Special Symbols

Creating an engaging slot game became tougher over the years, so the software makers have decided to spice things up. They have added a ton of unique icons, that grew into a must in these type of casino games. These symbols are Wild and Scatter since they are the most common in almost every game. Wild symbols can replace any symbol on the reel to form the winning combo (like Joker in cards). There are a few kinds of Wilds – Expanding, Sticky, Stacked, Walking,  Transferring, Shifting (the list goes on as software producers have more creative ideas).

Additionally, various symbols exist in some games, like Multipliers, Free Spins icons, Bonus triggers and much more. We will explain these and many others another time. The message you need to keep in mind about this is that sometimes these icons can improve your chances of winning. Making more combos and activating a bonus game is something to have in mind, and if the game has it, your odds are better.

Bonus Games

A real gem of online slots is additional options for winning even more cash by triggering something. Bonus games can be quite simple, triggered by a Scatter symbol and allowing you to choose from three options and win a prize. On the contrary, they can be somewhat complicated, offering “a game in a game,” with specific terms, crazy effects and generous prizes that can include more than cash (free spins, multipliers and other). Some of the best slot machines online even offer more than one or create a new world through which you can travel and take as much as you can. When you can see often are also gamble games, featuring cards and dice.  All in all, bonus games are created to add up a little fun and give you a chance to win even more — a slot that has it usually has a lot to offer.


There are all kinds of different extras that slot games have these days. From bonus games, free spins, retriggering spins, flashy wheels to interactive worlds and gamble games. They can gradually upgrade as you continue to play, as it is in the Thunderstruck II. These are especially interesting since they depend on the time that you spend playing the game, unlike others that require either skill or luck. You can check what a game has to offer in its paytable, as we have mentioned earlier. You can surprise when you see how creative software providers can get.


Back in the day, there were no more paylines than 5. Now, you can win on so many ways that there is not enough time to explain it. Paylines are possible winning combinations or paths in which you can get your money. The more paylines you have, the more chances of winning, meaning that hit frequency is also high. But beware, this can mean smaller prizes, so do your homework well on this one to see what suits you. Some of the best slot games online don’t have much paylines, but they do offer excessive prizes.


Strange word, but rather crucial for gambling. It tells straightforward if the slot is intended to give you a one-time big win, or many minor victories. High volatile games are designed for those with a deeper pocket, while low volatility gives the opportunity to new players and those who are not chasing some vast treasures in the casino. With that said, volatility is easy to understand, and you can conclude by yourself whether the slot is volatile or not. Just by going through the paytable, you can see how much you can win at a particular time.

Free Slots to Make Winning Easier

The best way to understand how slot games work is to try them out. Sounds simple, but many spend their time in wishful thinking and assumptions. Luckily, there are ways to play the game without spending money. You can start with free slots so you can pick out of the best slot game online the one that suits you the most. You can try all of the games we have available with no strings attached. Demo games of the most popular slots are the easiest way of determining which game can bring you the most.

However, don’t think that you will have to go through tons and tons of games so you can take your pick. We got you covered – with our Slot Reviews, you can quickly check what we think about a particular game and why you should play it. Many of them contain different hidden treasures that we spent the time to explain to you so that you won’t be wasting yours. You have better things to do, like the following.

Best slot games online – Take Your Pick

In this section, we present as many games as we can gather so you can have a wide range to go through. We intend to collect as many games as we can so we can offer you the best slot machines online. There are few factors to divide slots by, and we can differentiate them by Type, Provider, and Theme. You can find each of these sections here. Gathering and listing all of them would be a great deal of work from which you wouldn’t benefit. Therefore, we have presented the most common and most played slots what we could find. You can search by any filter you prefer. This page will be continuously upgraded with new slots to try out.

Our mission is to give you the opportunity to make the best choice when it comes to this type of casino games and offer you some of the best deals for playing slots online. With this in mind, you can search through different gifts of various casinos in the Promotion section. There are so many things that you don’t want to miss. Hot deals are there to be used. Meanwhile, try out few games and see which one can be your lucky charm. We wish you the best of luck!